The Berliner Bau- und Wohnungsgenossenschaft von 1892 eG was founded on 9 March 1892. We have approx. 6,830 apartments in Berlin and Wandlitz. At the moment we have a good 17,600 members.

We can offer very different properties which are located in the following neighbourhoods:


You need to purchase a share in the Cooperative worth €300 to become a member. If you rent an apartment you will need to buy further shares. Living in a cooperative allows you to feel very secure because you have a lifelong right to stay in our property.

Democracy in a cooperative

A key characteristic of a housing cooperative is that members can exercise a voluntary right to have a say and become involved. Our members have this option with regard to the properties themselves and the organisation as a whole.

More than places to live

Our range of services allows us to offer our members more than just a roof over their heads: